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The NCG e-learning portal is dedicated to all the staff of the NCG member institutions, as well as to other users in India and around the world. This portal is a repository of free courses on a variety of topics. All NCG staff and faculty are encouraged to participate in these courses.

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  • Dr Indranil Mallick, Consultant Radiation Oncologist at Tata Medical Center, Kolkata (imallick[at]
  • Dr Medha Joshi, Consultant NCG (joshi.mva[at]

    Available courses

    Masterclass IMPaCT HN 2021

    The four-day intensive masterclass of IMPaCT HN is designed to ensure practice skills for you to treat your patients comprehensively to alleviate their health-related suffering across the care continuum. The contents collated below is mandatory preparation for the 4 days of live interactions, with themes as listed below.

    Dates: November 20th, 21st & 27th, 28th

    Time: 4.45 PM to 7.15 PM

    National Cancer Grid Clinical Trial Network (NCG CTN)

    National Cancer Grid Clinical Trial Network (NCG CTN)
    NCG CTN has received funding for strengthening the clinical trial capabilities across different cancer centers in India.  BIRAC supported CTN has 11 centers. In order to promote uniform standards for conduct of high-quality research, NCG CTN has developed these training modules. 

    What does this training course cover?
    The aim of this training course is to create awareness of all aspects related to conducting of Clinical Research in line with all national guidelines and regulations and international guidelines. This course, therefore, contains modules related to regulations, guidelines, and roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders in clinical research. 

    Who should attend this course?
    Every team member who participates in the conduct of clinical research should attend this course. Investigators, Clinical Research Coordinators, Research Pharmacists, Research Nurses, Data Entry Operators, and Statisticians at all the CTN sites should attend this training course. 

    IMPACT - Head & Neck

    IMPaCT- HN - Integrated Modules on Palliative Care in Cancer Training in Head and Neck Oncology

    Early integration of principles of palliative care in the training of oncologists to deliver comprehensive, empathetic and proportionate oncological care.

    Learning framework- through the NCG - E-Learning Platform of the National Cancer Grid

    ·         Self-paced online free learning resources based around sequential case-based role-plays

    ·         Live interactive sessions once a month - Immersion learning experience through live discussions


    ·         Manage the common symptoms and distress seen in HNC patients

    ·         Skillfully communicate & apply Ethics in complex clinical situations- handling collusion, discussing prognosis; breaking bad news, handle survivorship, empower and support shared decision making. 


    ·         Influence treatment adherence, addressal of care-needs during curative treatment; decision making considering wholistic beneficence, non-abandonment of the patient

    Options for Participation and Certification: (From the IMPaCT HN collaborative)

    ·         Fellowship Certificate – Duration: 24 months - Closed for 2021

    o   Eligibility: AOMSI selected Fellow

    ·         Training of Trainers (ToT) Certificate – Duration: 11 months;

    o   Eligibility - faculty level participants with following criteria

    o   Complete the module resources, assignments and online evaluations with passing grades

    o   Submit a qualitative and semi-structured feedback twice across the duration of training

    o   Attending live sessions is encouraged – not mandatory

    ·         Observer  - Access to all modules except the interactive mentored sessions.

    o   Eligibility: any professional engaged with Head & neck oncological care

    o   Contents and Duration: As self -determined.

    Faculty Panel: Panel of national, international faculty from Palliative care, oncology, MDT discipline

    Medical Physics Online Course

    This is a course on the application of Medical Physics in Clinical Radiation Oncology. As a part of this course, students will also be evaluated on learning and testing methods.

    Target Volume Delineation Webinar Series

    TARGET VOLUME DELINEATION WEBINAR Series, Organized by Regional Cancer Centre, JIPMER, Puducherry is a collection of lectures delivered by Expert Radiation Oncologists from India and is designed for Postgraduate students of Radiation Oncology to improve their contouring skills.

    Teacher: POOJA SETHI

    Oncology Academic Forum

    Oncology Academic Forum is a consortium of Oncology residents in Medical Radiation and Surgical Oncology from institutes all over India having regular classes and discussions on various Oncology topics. Over 600 residents are a part of it and contribute to educating and making each other better with guest lectures from various consultants who are specialized in their fields.

    UP AROI webinar series

    This webinar series is a collection of lectures by senior faculty members of the UP Chapter of the Association of Radiation Oncologists of India (UP-AROI) covering important subjects and skills relevant to modern evidence-based radiation oncology practice.

    Teacher: Rashi Agrawal

    Seminars in Head and Neck Cancer

    "Head and Neck Cancer" is one of the leading cancers in India and all over the world. Many times they pose significant challenges in identification, staging, and treatment. These lectures are part of an academic activity organized and moderated by Dr. Dodul Mondal for teaching and training of oncology residents in-training across the country.

    Teacher: Dodul Mondal

    Cancer in the times of COVID19

    SARS-COV-2This is a resource page on COVID19 and its impact on the management of cancer. These compiled resources consist of NCG webinars and guidance, but also has links to national and international resources, guidelines and statistics that are important for cancer treatment centers.

    Teacher: C S Pramesh