Effective Searching in PubMed

Logo - PubMedThis course teaches participants the basics of searching PubMed effectively. 

Course Coordinator:

Dr Medha Joshi, Consultant NCG

MRI in Rectal Cancer

  • To understand the role of imaging in rectal cancer and specifically the role of MRI
  • To understand the issues in the local staging of rectal cancers and learn to read these using MRI
  • To briefly discuss the essentials for an optimal MRI (hardware, sequences and patient preparation) 
  • To become familiar with a structured reporting template for optimal management of rectal cancer 

Safe Handling of Cytotoxic Drugs

Logo2 CytotoxicsThis course teaches the safe use of cytotoxic drugs in the daycare setting of a cancer hospital. It takes the participant through the the entire process of storing, preparing, administering and disposing of cytotoxics.

Course Coordinator:

 Sriparna Giri, Tata Medical Center


Decision making in Esophageal Cancer: An Evidence Based Approach

Logo esophagusThis module presents case scenarios in Esophageal Cancer, with a view to pragmatic evidence-based decision-making.

Course coordinators:

Dr Sayan Paul, Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad

Dr Suneetha M, Continental Hospital, Hyderabad

Teacher: Sayan Paul

Safe Blood Administration Practices

Logo Blood adminThis short course summarizes safe practices in administration of blood products. The target audience is nursing staff and medical registrars.

Course coordinator:

Dr B Abhishekh, JIPMER Puducherry

Best Practices in Opioid Therapy for Cancer Pain

Logo opioidsBest practices in the use of opioids in cancer-related pain.

Course Coordinator:

Dr Nandini Vallath, Tata Trusts