Cancer in the times of COVID19

SARS-COV-2This is a resource page on COVID19 and its impact on the management of cancer. These compiled resources consist of NCG webinars and guidance, but also has links to national and international resources, guidelines and statistics that are important for cancer treatment centers.

Teacher: C S Pramesh

NCG CReDO Virtual Research Boards

CReDOExpert researchers from around the world teach on a lecture series about research methodology, followed by questions and answers. We present the recordings of the past webinars, released soon after the live event.

Cancer Education and Cervical Cancer Screening

These video-based tutorials are created so as to enable the Medical and Para-medical staff to impart cancer education to the general population. The training involves ten modules with sections mainly focused on conducting cancer awareness and cervical cancer screening with VIA. This also involves modules with special focus on collecting Pap smears and HPV samples for testing. Other modules such as methods of approaching community are included to benefit trainees that are involved in population-based cancer awareness and screening. Modules on principles of data management are important whether the intent is to conduct a service programme or a research trial. These video-based tutorial training needs to be combined with practical hands-on training in order to develop clinical skills. The training is essential whether one intends to initiate clinic-based cancer awareness and screening or community-based awareness and screening.

Course Coordinators: Dr. Gauravi Mishra, Dr. T S Shylasree, Dr. Santosh Noronha.

Effective Searching in PubMed

Logo - PubMedThis course teaches participants the basics of searching PubMed effectively. 

Course Coordinator:

Dr Medha Joshi, Consultant NCG

MRI in Rectal Cancer

  • To understand the role of imaging in rectal cancer and specifically the role of MRI
  • To understand the issues in the local staging of rectal cancers and learn to read these using MRI
  • To briefly discuss the essentials for an optimal MRI (hardware, sequences and patient preparation) 
  • To become familiar with a structured reporting template for optimal management of rectal cancer 

Safe Handling of Cytotoxic Drugs

Logo2 CytotoxicsThis course teaches the safe use of cytotoxic drugs in the daycare setting of a cancer hospital. It takes the participant through the the entire process of storing, preparing, administering and disposing of cytotoxics.

Course Coordinator:

 Sriparna Giri, Tata Medical Center


Decision making in Esophageal Cancer: An Evidence Based Approach

Logo esophagusThis module presents case scenarios in Esophageal Cancer, with a view to pragmatic evidence-based decision-making.

Course coordinators:

Dr Sayan Paul, Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad

Dr Suneetha M, Continental Hospital, Hyderabad

Teacher: Sayan Paul

Safe Blood Administration Practices

Logo Blood adminThis short course summarizes safe practices in administration of blood products. The target audience is nursing staff and medical registrars.

Course coordinator:

Dr B Abhishekh, JIPMER Puducherry

Best Practices in Opioid Therapy for Cancer Pain

Logo opioidsBest practices in the use of opioids in cancer-related pain.

Course Coordinator:

Dr Nandini Vallath, Tata Trusts