IMPACT - Head & Neck

IMPaCT- HN - Integrated Modules on Palliative Care in Cancer Training in Head and Neck Oncology

Early integration of principles of palliative care in the training of oncologists to deliver comprehensive, empathetic and proportionate oncological care.

Learning framework- through the NCG - E-Learning Platform of the National Cancer Grid

·         Self-paced online free learning resources based around sequential case-based role-plays

·         Live interactive sessions once a month - Immersion learning experience through live discussions


·         Manage the common symptoms and distress seen in HNC patients

·         Skillfully communicate & apply Ethics in complex clinical situations- handling collusion, discussing prognosis; breaking bad news, handle survivorship, empower and support shared decision making. 


·         Influence treatment adherence, addressal of care-needs during curative treatment; decision making considering wholistic beneficence, non-abandonment of the patient

Options for Participation and Certification: (From the IMPaCT HN collaborative)

·         Fellowship Certificate – Duration: 24 months - Closed for 2021

o   Eligibility: AOMSI selected Fellow

·         Training of Trainers (ToT) Certificate – Duration: 11 months;

o   Eligibility - faculty level participants with following criteria

o   Complete the module resources, assignments and online evaluations with passing grades

o   Submit a qualitative and semi-structured feedback twice across the duration of training

o   Attending live sessions is encouraged – not mandatory

·         Observer  - Access to all modules except the interactive mentored sessions.

o   Eligibility: any professional engaged with Head & neck oncological care

o   Contents and Duration: As self -determined.

Faculty Panel: Panel of national, international faculty from Palliative care, oncology, MDT discipline