National Cancer Grid Clinical Trial Network (NCG CTN)

National Cancer Grid Clinical Trial Network (NCG CTN)
NCG CTN has received funding for strengthening the clinical trial capabilities across different cancer centers in India.  BIRAC supported CTN has 11 centers. In order to promote uniform standards for conduct of high-quality research, NCG CTN has developed these training modules. 

What does this training course cover?
The aim of this training course is to create awareness of all aspects related to conducting of Clinical Research in line with all national guidelines and regulations and international guidelines. This course, therefore, contains modules related to regulations, guidelines, and roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders in clinical research. 

Who should attend this course?
Every team member who participates in the conduct of clinical research should attend this course. Investigators, Clinical Research Coordinators, Research Pharmacists, Research Nurses, Data Entry Operators, and Statisticians at all the CTN sites should attend this training course.